Cicada Emergence PREMIUM T-Shirt *PREORDER*

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Will you be ready for the double brood? Celebrate the double emergence of the magicicada happening this May and June!

Pre-orders are expected to be shipped 4-8 weeks after your order is placed. (Hopefully sooner!) If there are multiple items in your order, including items that are not for pre-order, they will be sent all together once the pre-order items have arrived at our office! Sign up for our newsletter on campmustelid.com to stay up to date with pre-orders and further updates, or follow @CampMustelid on Twitter!

PREORDERS will close 5/3 at 11:59PM EST!

We have two versions of this t-shirt, this PREMIUM version featuring front and back puffy printing in fluorescent orange on a tie dyed tee, and our other standard version (see listing for details!). Sizes S-3XL (unisex) Each shirt is hand dyed so there will be slight pattern variation!

This product comes bundled with the VERY RARE Cicada Song Camp Mustelid badge! To learn more about badges, check out campmustelid.com.